Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Coding in the Wild

I chose Coding for Litter-Free Streets because environmental health, preservation, and recovery are all very important topics to me and I genuinely want litter to stay off the streets so that plastic and other trash does not a.)harm the environment or b.) hurt the animals/people living in that area. The reason the writer entered this field is because she saw an opportunity to combine knowledge with her friend and use coding to make the world a better place. The way these two computer scientists used their skills to eliminate litter was by analyzing data and trends to see what the priorities were for a possible litter solution. With this information, the two can conjure up a list of the best cleanup methods. Along with analyzing the data, it also logs litter that is both made and picked up. This ability gives insight to what makes a person motivated to pick up the litter or what simply makes them ignore it. The results of the creation have seen a 7% reduction in litter per week. 
To successfully build their app and platform, the creators needed to know both Javascript and Python. These languages were not too much of a hurdle to learn because of one of the creator's background's in IOS development. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

The internet is for everyone but it won't be if...

4.) Internet is for everyone- but it won't be until in every home, in every business,in every school, in every library, in every hospital in every town and in every country on the Globe, the Internet can be accessed without limitation,at any time andin every language.
This challenge speaks to me because I constantly wish to interact with new people especially those that are different than me and there is no better way to do this than to contact people from across the globe who experience various types of culture, a different type of lifestyle, and multiple languages/dialects. There is no better way to learn about humanity and better understand effective communication than to put yourself out there and talk to a diverse group of people. If the internet is not available to everyone on the Globe, achieving this opportunity can be extremely difficult because the only way to get that communication is through expensive traveling or forms of physical communication that take a significantly longer amount of time than a message sent over the internet. 

2.) Internetis for everyone- but it won't be if ​​Governmentsrestrict accessto it, sowe must dedicate ourselves to keeping the network unrestricted, unfettered andunregulated. ​​We must have the freedom to speak and the freedom to hear.
This statement made me think of the censored art and speech that governments see as a threat. In America, political satire sketches, skits, songs, drawings, paintings, blogs, etc. are some of the most trending topics online, but not everyone in the world experiences this cultural phenomenon because the government feels offended by the "attack." Artists put a lot of effort into composing their satirical pieces and while they may be for humorous purposes, some pieces also take a stance and address issues in the system that need to be addressed. By censoring the voices of internet users, the government is stripping the creativity and civil power of its citizens, which should be a fundamental human right to protect. 

Ring Doorbell

I think ultimately the vendors/manufacturers are  responsible for this security concern because they are the ones putting out a product to i...