Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Ethical data collecting

I chose consent as the most important ethical data issue because for me, being in the generation I am, I think it’s the one that is disregarded the most. Snap chatting, scrolling through Tik Tok, and checking friends’ locations are daily activities for many teenagers nowadays. But these apps have major consent issues along with most social media apps; the majority of people don’t read the terms of service for a program and agree to them anyone, unknowingly giving these apps permission to do anything they want with personal data. Personally, I know I have fallen victim to this before, and I think it’s an important issue that needs more of my, and my generation’s, attention so that these apps do not continue to exploit information. One of my concerns with Snapchat is the scanning of the face to place a filter on an image. While I’m not sure if this information is verified, it is a fear of mine that I am unaware of what the app may do with that scan. This concerns relates to the article I chose about ethical data. The article spoke of Amazon’s facial recognition technology and how it “recognises, classifies, and tracks facial data on a continuous basis without consent or a defined number of subjects in each study/data collection project.” Perhaps the biggest issue with Amazon’s tactics is the fact that they use the facial recognition technology on unwilling participants, not even giving them the opportunity to mindlessly click an agree button. The reason behind their choice to scan unwilling participants is all about a race. The tech company with the most data, aka the most faces, will therefore have the best tech. This race raises a larger question: what does Amazon do with this data? Why, besides domination, would a company want the faces of everyone in the world? What happens to it without anyone knowing it’s been released?

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