Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Explore Update #4

Most of my work so far has been going smoothly except I am still really struggling to find how the app processes its data which is also a big factor of the function category. Yesterday I deeply explored the Maya website and searched the web for anything I could find about the science behind the app, but I was still left with nothing. I decided my best bet was to email the company and ask if they could direct me to a page explaining how the app works, and if they didn't if they could just explain it themselves. So far I have not received a response so I am going to keep digging and see if there is even the smallest bit of information I could use as a source. Yesterday I also downloaded the app myself so I could see for myself what data the app requests from a user and what information they feed back to the user. What I found was that Maya asks for sixty possible symptoms the user could be experiencing, and some of these symptoms become an output of the app because a handful are suggested to you based on where you are in your cycle. So while my inputs and outputs are fairly obvious, finding how that data is processed has become quite difficult.

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